Our Process

The great experience of your project development starts when you have a team following processes.
With 10 years of experience, 2000+ clients and a 100 people team of in house web experts,
we take pride in developing solutions by following these processes.

Scope Of Work

Our process begins with strategic planning of the project to define long term goals and marketing possibilities. We begin to outline the design of the website using wireframe models and put together a proposal detailing the design, development, and launch stages relevant to the job.


A detailed proposal including specific deliverables for the project, as well as price, is drafted and sent for confirmation. After the down payment, we won’t ask you for your final payment until you are 100% completely satisfied with the final product.

Design Stage

In the design stage, we take your vision and bring it to life. We will make “mock-ups”, and won’t start developing until we know we have exactly what you want. Once you approve what we’ve made, we can move onto development.

Development Stage

We will ensure that your final product is completed with a rich and responsive design. We can develop anything from regular 5-page websites, to advanced software, or even e-commerce. We’ve already done it and we can do it again for you.

Project Launch

Project Release to target audience

This is obviously the most exciting part of the process, where we finally start to see the impact of your new website. However, before we launch your amazing new website, we check and double check everything to make certain your new website goes live without a hitch.

We handle the entire process to ensure it is as seamless as possible, and we can assure you that there will be no “downtime” during the launch process.

Once your site is live, we typically arrange a meeting to discuss
how we can start marketing your website to your potential customers.