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Tik Tok Management For Your Business

Let our Expert Team Create a Viral Tik Tok Presence Online.

Trusted by many happy customers worldwide

Brand Awareness

We can create a new logo and branding plan that will keep you in the mind of your viewers.

With our system, we create 75% content original to your brand and 25% trending content. Trends will bring new customers to your account, but the original content will make them stay.

Build Relationships

When you build a strong connection through engagement with your audience, you are also building a trustworthy reputation.

We will instruct you on best practice for engaging with your audience to turn commenters into customers.

Increased Web Exposure

With more and more people looking to social media for information, having a strong presence is sure to increase your website traffic, ultimately influencing leads and sales.

Tik Tok is an SEO optimized platform which means people are constantly searching for information on the app. In order for your videos to rank high we make sure that keywords are present onscreen throughout the video in closed captions and hashtags.

Our Tik Tok Services Include

Management of Posts

Posting consistently on Tik Tok is important to an account’s success, so our team of social media experts will work with you to establish a schedule that both parties can maintain, while keeping content fresh and viewers engaged.

Through scheduling, tools, and insights, we ensure your posts are making it into the social media feeds at the optimal times.

Going viral on Tik Tok requires you to have a strong retention rate. The more people return to watch, the longer people stay to watch, and the better a video will perform.

Content Creation

Stop trying to figure out what you’re supposed to post. Whether it’s assisting in outlining content that you can provide us with, or giving us the freedom to create all of your content, we will come up with a plan that works best for your business.

Here are some of the principles key to our strategy:

Strong Hook
You have three seconds to capture the attention of the viewer, so every video needs a strong hook that makes the viewer need to keep watching.

Call To Action
We caught the viewer – now we need to tell them what to do! Every video will have a call to action to encourage the viewer to follow, contact us, purchase, etc.

High Quality Filming
The Tik Tok algorithm prefers content that is high quality. We will film within the Tik Tok app, or with an excellent iPhone camera, using great lighting and high quality sound as well.

Hashtags are how we let the algorithm know what your content is about, and who to push out your content to. Using specific hashtags, we will try to target the For You Pages of new viewers, especially those searching for content like yours.

Community Management

We’ll help facilitate social media relationships with viewers through likes, comments, replies, direct messages, and more!

The algorithm will reward your account when it sees you are posting consistently and engaging with your audience.

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