JSB Insurance


Insurance may get costly at times for some people. JSB Insurance strives to be a competitive provider for low priced insurance. At JSB Insurance, James Behkor has lived up to the expectations and has helped save thousands of dollars for his clientele. JSB goes the extra mile to explain why and how insurance plans can either cost or save your family money. The track record for JSB Insurance has many people turning their heads and eventually choosing JSB Insurance over the other corporate insurance companies. James finds it really important to be close and communicative with all his clientele. Choosing JSB insurance should be the right move for anyone looking for new insurance providers or deciding whether to go with a big league company. James has worked very hard to bring happy clients. His reviews on Yelp show how many people he has helped throughout the years.


Finding the right insurance plan for our clientele may be harder than it seems. It is not all about the price, it is about the quality of the service. When choosing an insurance carrier one must be aware of certain company policies and must be attentive to monitor the market carefully in order to see if any prices have spiked or fallen. JSB Insurance works with multiple insurance companies, so we can afford to give the best rates and coverage. After all, it is about what your insurance company can do and protect at the end of the day. Don’t be fooled by those other companies, we won’t cheat you.


It only takes a few short questions to get you started with one of our superior brokers. We will find the right coverage plan for all your needs. We provide our clientele different quotes from the insurance carriers we work with within minutes after the evaluation process has been completed. We make sure we go over all options before making the final move. Our clientele usually finds the best option possible with the help of one of our knowledgeable brokers. We will give you a quote over the phone, web, or email within minutes. It usually takes about an hour to find one that is suitable for our clientele.


At the end of the day we provide the best service possible around. With our team of brokers, we go through various options, seeking the most affordable and durable coverage plan. One must always consult with more than one broker company, before making their final decision. We are able to provide you with multiple quotes to go through so we don’t have to waste any extra time, and save our clients time and money. We raise the bar high so that we don’t have a lot of competition to deal with. Our clientele usually finds a relatively good plan for low prices. We take pride in our customer service as well. They really make it easy on the customer choosing the suitable plan for their car, home, residence, business, and etc… We are more than eager to help anyone who comes our way!  Falcon Marketing LLC has helped us grow from a small start-up company to a social network name. Falcon designed a yelp page that JSB Insurance is proud of. We have achieved a 5 Star Rating on Yelp! We truly care for all our clientele and want you to join the team. We will save you the burden and agony of having to go out of your way to find a decent insurance provider. We work hard to provide our clientele with honest and reasonable pricing.

Final Product

JSB Insurance offers automobile, motorcycle, homeowner, renter, and commercial insurance. They are a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. Our exceptional service and creating happy customers is our standard. Learn how our competitive pricing is supreme for most clientele. Our fast quotes are why people choose us and our exceptional service is why our clientele prefer JSB Insurance.