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Helpful Tips For Application Development

Helpful Tips For Application Development

Helpful Tips For Application Development

November 27, 2017

Smartphones have revolutionized the way users interact and access information. This has made it so that there is an increased need to provide a great user experience in apps. Wherein comes the Android platform. The Android platform is very easy to work with not only for users but for developers as well. It is an open source technology and the source code of the operating system can be tinkered with allowing for many opportunities for innovation. Whether you are looking for a company which provides web application development services or developing an app yourself, there are tips to keep in mind for smooth sailing in development and are as follows.

Book Your Name
It may seem like a very small detail, but it is very important nonetheless. It’s important to book the name of the app to avoid any duplicates as the android market uses a special package name that is used to identify your app amongst the thousands of other apps that are available. If you plan to release an app it’s always a good idea to reserve the name as it is what your customers will identify first and foremost.

Analyze Android Design Guidelines
Google has a prepared set of design guidelines, known as the Material Design, to help new developers, as well as seasoned developers, create apps that behave the same way across the board. By following these guidelines, developers will be able to provide consistent UI, User Interface, and User Experience, UX. This allows end-users to be able to intuitively understand the way the app works as well as allowing them to enjoy the use of the application.

Thorough Research & Listen to Users
Thorough research before starting your app development is crucial. It’s important for developers to understand what their users need and develop the app along those guidelines. Users love when their feedback is taken seriously and developers are actually listening to what they are saying. When their voices are heard, there is a better chance that users will be loyal and continue to use the apps. Reviews are a great way to understand what features you should push when creating updates to keep your users happy.

Be Aware of Fragmentation
It’s important to keep in mind that android market demographic and how the market is fragmented. The app that is being developed needs to be developed to be compatible with the latest Android versions and if at all possible, to be compatible with older versions as well. Also, Android devices come in different size and screen resolution, which is important to keep in mind when deciding on app layouts, fonts, etc.

Optimize Your App
One of the worse feelings is dealing with an app that takes way too long to open or takes up too much unnecessary space on your phone. The speed of flow and size of the app are key components in if an app will end up being successful or not. Be sure not to use unnecessary variables and objects in the app which can drastically reduce the speed of your app.

Develop for Multiple Devices
When developing an app for android, it’s almost impossible to test the app on every compatible Android device. The best way to work around this and keep consistency amongst varying screen sizes is to use density-independent pixels instead of your run of the mill pixels. When using density-independent pixels, Android automatically calculates the right amount of pixels depending on screen size.

Testing Your App Thoroughly
Having a bug free app is critical for launching. This can only be achieved through thorough testing of the app. Apps should initially be tested by alpha testers and then, during the second stage, go through beta testing. Any issues with the app during testing should be resolved before the final launch.

Each of these tips can prove extremely useful when developing your app. However, it’s also very easy for small things to fall through the cracks and you end up with much more work than you bargained for. That’s why outsourcing and working with a company that offers web application development services is a great idea.

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