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2 Industries in eCommerce that can Sustain an Economic Downturn

2 Industries in eCommerce that can Sustain an Economic Downturn

2 Industries in eCommerce that can Sustain an Economic Downturn

March 11, 2020

  1. With the economy sliding and the stock market tumbling there have been many requests from clientele who are wondering what businesses they can get into that can survive a poor economy. Here are some websites that we represent that are doing well despite the economic slide:
  2. 1. CBD –
  3. Greeny is an online marketplace that helps clients find CBD from a bunch of different vendors including Marys Nutritionals and Medterra, 2 of the fastest growing brands for CBD. Here is a snapshot of the  CBD industry and the trends for searches online:
  4. cbd trends online
  5. Search volume for the keyword “CBD” according to SemRush:
  6. Volume 246K
    Number of results 391M
  7. With trends growing online, awareness up for CBD and the many benefits it can provide, CBD will continue to grow especially in the millennial and Gen Z populations serving every day needs such as anxiety relief and pain, both of which are economy proof as they are must-haves for everyday comfort.

Additionally, Greeny offers products from an array of brands so even if the market looks for cost savings Greeny will always have a readily available product for the consumers.

2. Wine and Spirits –
Country wine and Spirits have been selling online liquor since late 2016 when Falcon started the website. We have seen first hand the liquor business has succeeded with growth in both visitors and sales and during the recent coronavirus related news sales have sustained and even potentially lifted. The online business, in general, is trending quite nicely as shown:

  1. Search volume for the keyword “wine and spirits” according to SemRush:
    Volume 246K
    Number of results 849M

    People will always drink alcohol. Alcohol for special occasions, alcohol with a friend, alcohol for a part, you name it, alcohol is there and the online industry rewards companies that offer easy shipping and great pricing, something that Country Wine and Spirits has always been proud to provide. Due to the evergreen nature of the liquor business, it is clear that the trends support the growing industry and the likelihood of an economic slowdown is low.


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