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6 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development

6 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development

6 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development

November 8, 2017

Businesses have specific challenges that are unique to their size, clientele, services, and security. Although ready-made software can acknowledge some of the most common problems, it often fails to resolve problems that are unique to each business operation.

And while off-the-shelf software might seem like a quick solution to your service woes, it can come with expensive licensing fees, a steep learning curve, and a one-size-fits-all model that many companies will soon outgrow.

Take a look at the following six reasons why you should consider custom software development.

1. Reflects your Individual Needs
One of the biggest challenges companies face when using off-the-shelf software is that they often have to change their business process in order to incorporate the requirements of the software. Custom software, on the other hand, can be shaped to reflect the specific needs of a business.

Off-the-shelf software also suffers from bloatware—tacked on features of questionable value that come with the software regardless of whether you need it or not. With custom software, you not only determine the features that are included, but you decide the features that won’t be appearing as well.

2. Integrates Efficiently
Moving to custom software is a great time to integrate all of your other systems and solutions as well. Instead of juggling multiple files and accounts, custom software lets you take a holistic approach to finding and filtering the important information you need on a daily basis. Customer databases, excel spreadsheets and APIs can all be integrated into one platform.

3. Highly Adaptable
Does your team have a specific skill set that can be utilized with a custom application? Are there members of your team whose talents are going unused? With custom software development, you can tailor each feature to fit different members of your team.

As your business grows, your software can be easily tailored, scaled and improved to address new services, products, customers, and personnel. Whether you’re doubling your staff or experimenting with a new business model, custom software is extremely flexible.

4. Cost-effective
Ready-made software requires you to either purchase a license (sometimes one license for each person using the software) or subscribe to a monthly plan. Not only does ready-made software have licensing fees, but there’s usually a lot of training involved. Even worse, you can end up paying for broken or outdated features that are no longer relevant.

It’s a lot like renting an apartment over owning a home. While this pricing structure can be beneficial in the short-term and for a small business operation, custom software will pay for itself in the long run.

5. Increases productivity
If productivity is in decline or growing stagnant, custom software can reverse this trend. Choosing custom software development enables your team to focus on their priorities rather than juggling software issues at the same time. It also lets you incorporate time-saving features that can speed up day-to-day tasks such as processing sales, running reports and accessing data.

6. Creates a Competitive Advantage
Think about it: if you’re using premium off-the-shelf software to meet your growing business demands, chances are your competitors are using something similar, too. As more challengers adopt the same software that you use, it’ll become harder to climb within your market.

With custom software, you’re in control. You can design and build a piece of software that overcomes the shortcomings and pitfalls found in pre-existing software. When the rest of the industry finds itself at a dead end, you’ll have invested in software that can rise above the competition.

Enhance your Operations with Custom Software Development
Cut costs, boost productivity and generate more leads by adopting custom software development. Whether you’re expecting a sudden growth in business or you want to turn your team into a lean, mean, productivity machine, custom software development can enhance your operations and help you stay at the top of a competitive marketplace.

Do you have any questions about choosing the perfect custom software development service for your business? Let us know!

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