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What is Application Development?

What is Application Development?

What is Application Development?

September 18, 2017

What is application development? It’s the process of designing, testing and implementing a computer program to perform a set of tasks. Unlike off-the-shelf software, which tends to be one-size-fits-all when it comes to business-related tasks, application development allows a business to build custom tools to fit their needs.

There are different types of application developers out there, but the app-building process is always the same regardless of the platform or intended audience:

  • Gather requirements and research
  • Design prototypes of the application
  • Test the application
  • Implementation
  • Integration

Applications are all around us. Whether it’s a traditional web app, a mobile app or a cloud-based cross-platform app, we now use applications on a regular basis to schedule tasks, analyze and collect data, and boost the efficiency of our business and our team.

Different types of application development

What are the different types of application development? While each has its own specialization, application developers share a common goal: build and implement the best application according to their client’s needs.

Custom application development

As businesses expand, they tend to encounter steep subscription fees and roadblocks while using off-the-shelf software. At that point, they turn to custom application development services to build a sustainable app that works for them.

Database application development

Database applications are a crucial component for many businesses. They collect and organize customer data, perform calculations, and enable employees to quickly find the information they need.

Mobile application development

Building an application for iOS, Android or Windows requires a different set of tools and experience than web-based applications. Mobile apps tend to specialize in social integration, community building, and customer interactions.

Enterprise application development

Large-scale businesses require a bit more oomph than smaller organizations. They need enterprise applications that can automate sophisticated business procedures and process large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Different Types of Applications

Applications vary according to the platform they’re built for and the purposes they’re designed for. Here are some of the most common types of applications, and how they can affect your business operations.

Web applications

A web app is a program that uses web browsers and technologies to perform a variety of tasks online. Common forms of web applications include email clients, online banking, online stores and shopping carts, social networking sites, content management systems, and document sharing services, such as Dropbox.

Mobile applications

Any software designed to run on a mobile device is considered a mobile app—or simply an “app.” While increasingly designed as a port that offers the same services as their web application counterparts, mobile apps are often streamlined and simplified in order to perform the most important tasks from a portable device.

However, as mobile devices increase in speed and power, so to do the mobile apps that are being developed for them. By building mobile applications from the ground up, businesses and developers can take advantage of unique features, such as location-based technology, voice recognition, and even augmented reality.

Cloud applications

The line between a web app and a cloud app is blurry, but there are significant differences. Whereas web apps are designed to be used from a web browser, cloud apps like Evernote and NetSuite are characterized by their ability to store data in the cloud, thereby enabling complete offline modes if the data is stored locally. Cloud apps are often much more flexible than web and mobile apps and offer cross-platform support.

Interested in Application Development?

Whether you want a web, mobile or cloud-based application, or even a combination of all three, an application development service will help you create and integrate your new app, while ensuring it meets the quality and standards of professional applications.

Do you have any questions about what is application development? Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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