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3 Reasons Why Web Design & Development are Important

3 Reasons Why Web Design & Development are Important

3 Reasons Why Web Design & Development are Important

December 27, 2017

Many people will tell you that you need a website for your business. Those people are correct. Regardless of what field you are in, having an online presence and a professional website created through excellent web design & development is essential. There are 3 major reasons why having a professionally designed website is important to help your business grow.

1. Visibility

Research shows that 91% of people do not go past the first page of search results. Furthermore, 50% do not go past the first five results.

Those numbers can sound a bit intimidating at first. However, what you may fail to realize is that out of 2.5 billion searches that are performed every day, a great number of those searches are navigations searches. What this means is that the person searching had a pretty good idea of what they were searching for, they just needed to be led into the right direction of where to find it. However, it is still critical for both new websites and older websites to strive to be as close to the top of the search results pages as possible. This is where the web design & development of your website would come into play.

2. Reliability

Yes, you could technically reach an audience without an internet presence in the form of a website. Many people choose the route of marketing on social media and relying on word of mouth and this could make a small impression for a business. However, that is not the way to reach your optimum potential. Moreover, in the year 2017, where the internet reigns supreme, having a professionally designed website plays a critical role in how people find small businesses. People want to know that you are current, that you are stable, and that you will be around when they need you. Your website not only allows customers to find you, but through proper web design & development, as well as social media, lets them get to know your business, and what you are all about. It helps build a relationship that shows not only your dedication but your authority in your field.

3. Sustainability

With a professional website, you have a very useful and free marketing tool at your fingertips: your email list. Email lists have incredible potential. Imagine it, you have a list of potential clients ready at your disposal at all times, and all you have to do to get their attention is hit “Send”. Email lists do not necessarily only have to be used when you are pitching a sale. An email List allows you to have access to send your potential clients important information, whether it is updating them on a new and featured product, changes to your online store, and of course special promotions. Using your email list is a simple and inexpensive way to keep building and sustaining a relationship with potential customers. All of this stems from excellent web design & development.

Whether you are a creative entrepreneur or you are a small business the best place to get started with your professional website is through the use of an exceptional web design & development company. At Falcon Marketing, we are ready to get you started on your next web design & development project, and are only a phone call away.

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Yosef Adelman

Yosef Adelman's journey from intern to chief advisor under a renowned SEO expert paved the way for his role as V.P. of Internet Marketing at a prestigious company, drawing over 30,000 monthly visitors to three major websites in just 6 months. Recognizing the value of his proven SEO strategies, he founded Falcon Marketing, empowering external clients to benefit from his resounding success in the world of SEO. Today, Yosef remains a leading figure in innovative internet marketing, offering a diverse range of digital marketing services.

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