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Digital Marketing in Los Angeles: PPC Campaign Management & More...

Digital Marketing in Los Angeles: PPC Campaign Management & More...

Digital Marketing in Los Angeles: PPC Campaign Management & More...

March 28, 2023

PPC Agency Los Angeles

PPC has become one of the hottest places to advertise once again online. Back in the early 2000s, PPC was a no-brainer way to attract people to your business; bids were cheap, clicks were numerous, and the ability to get people to call was almost automatic. Now with people wising up to some companies that were taking advantage of their audience, many different scams, and other dishonest practices, advertising has become a whole new world. PPC advertising companies in Los Angeles have now been forced to incorporate many other services to ensure their clientele is competitive with the ever-evolving requirements to do well on Google and Bing’s Ad networks.

There is good news, however, the informational searches that have in the past taken valuable ad spend are now being directed to AI-based searches such as Chat GPT that will answer questions that otherwise have cost companies millions of dollars in wasted ads. This allows companies like ours to be competitive and raise our bids- the “junk” traffic is directed elsewhere paving the way for more effective ads and more efficient ad-spend.

Digital Marketing Company Knowledge

Trust, quality, and knowledge – these are quite possibly the most important factors when it comes to traditional marketing so it makes sense that this extends to digital marketing in every aspect. Whether you own a business that runs on a model of generalized sales or specialized clientele, reaching both a broad and specific audience is incredibly important to a sustainable and competitive future. Once you reach that audience, the legitimacy, authority, and reputation of a company will work in tandem and generate a guaranteed recipe for success.

The ingredients in this formula, however, are often extremely complicated at times. So, a good Digital Marketing company knows it takes a master of the craft to weave a detailed and seamless digital marketing approach that your company will benefit from and experience the largest return on investment. We’ve broken down just some of the categories of digital marketing so that you can make sense of the varied approaches that can generate your company more business and clientele both in the short term and for years to come.

Using Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new, exciting, and unique facet of modern digital marketing. The concept of influencer marketing revolves around the idea of using a decentralized marketing approach that employs the use of brand ambassadors communicating with their direct audience as opposed to casting a wide net like a billboard or television advertisement. It’s decentralized because it does not rely on general digital marketing infrastructure. Additionally, it takes a cutting edge marketing agency to broker the uncommon deals required by this type of marketing.

Graphic of hand from a digital marketing company with magnet attracting facebook reactions.By using key brand advocates to drive traffic your product or website you can form a better connection of trust with your potential audience. It’s proven that younger audiences trust online advocates and personalities more than television or basic internet ads. By using this seamless and organic approach you can cut down on digital marketing budgets by only paying a single advertiser to advocate for your product. This not only builds trust through word of mouth but also propagates discussion about your brand or platform.

Who to Seek for Influencer Marketing

Good targets for influencer marketing contracts include media outlet journalists, YouTube personalities, as well as academic figures with a trusted background. Contrary to popular belief it’s not always the most popular personality that carries the most value; you have to look at the individual’s user engagement to properly gauge how valuable of an asset they are. If they have a large following but very little user engagement they’re not nearly as powerful of a voice as someone whose fan-base frequently communicates with them and takes part in community streams and events. Likewise, it’s important to choose a brand partner whose interests and audience match the desired. Using online digital marketing  ambassadors is also an incredible opportunity to cash in on successful SEO, another integral part of any digital marketing company package.

The What and Why of SEO 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is perhaps one of the most complicated aspects of digital marketing considering the fact that it covers so many different aspects of website and search engine analytics. At its core, however, is how trusted your website is in comparison to competitors. It may seem by that definition that as soon as you create an online presence for an established brand or business that you’ll have an automatically high trust score, but this unfortunately isn’t the case.

The trust that must be built between major online influences like Google, Amazon, Bing, and Yahoo must be formed through a specific set of parameters. These can be in the form of unique content that appears only on that specific website, proper and clean development structure, as well as the number of links referring to your domain on other websites. This last factor is an integral part of good SEO and is a factor that every website looking to improve their SEO must consider.

Using SEO for Higher Rankings

When it comes to the basics of ranking your domain higher on search results the first factor you must consider is the clarity of web design and unique content available on your website. Google analytics loves unique content, and as soon as it picks up a new post, image, or article you’ll soon see higher rankings to follow. A steady stream of this additional content is integral to any SEO presence.

For each page or article you post, there is a desired word count you want to achieve in order to start ranking; this ranges anywhere from 400 to 600 words for common blog posts and 800-1200+ words for informational pages such as this one. Original photography and illustrations can also go a long way to increasing your content as well, especially now that Google analytics are intelligent enough to scan and break down the content of images for ranking and data collection purposes.

Why Use SEO Strategies?

Graphic of phone with shopping bag, credit card, product bubbles. Meant to portray A good digital marketing business converting your investment into profit.

The next factor that search engines use to determine any given site’s trustworthiness is its interconnectedness to already established and trusted domains. When a large and influential site creates a do-follow link to your specific website URL, it lets search engines know that major players on the internet recognize your new domain as having reliable and trustworthy content. You achieve this through online business listing websites, press outlet features, or through influencer marketing.

However, obtaining highly scored backlinks is not all that you will need to create an adequate web of SEO. Having do-follow links on many different smaller domains is just as important to your long-term viability. This will tell Google that many different audiences are looking at and referring to your domain. This means it will have a broader appeal and is likely to rank higher due to the likelihood of a larger audience finding it helpful. The result of all of these links and calculations results in a domain authority score which determines your ranking on any given search engine.

Alternative Keyword Sourcing

Another way to achieve the keywords you want to accrue is through the use of image metadata. You might be asking yourself, what is image metadata? It’s really quite simple. Using the browser Chrome, go to a website that you frequent that seems hand-built by a knowledgeable developer. Now hover over any of the images on the site and right click ‘inspect’ to see its contents. You’ll immediately see an image name that should have some bearing on its content.

This image name itself can be considered for keywords when a search engine is analyzing your site; that image has even more optional content under the hood. Alt tags and descriptions allow you to expand on what the title doesn’t cover, and also helps the visually impaired to more easily read and navigate your website. A programmer can manually add these, but platforms like WordPress and Magento usually have the option to add this metadata when you’re uploading the content or once its in your domain’s media folder.

PPC Campaign Management

Graphic of Falcon with words " Web-design, online marketing, app development. Phone number (866) 510-0185The SEO techniques described above are considered organic SEO which will gradually improve your ranking and authority score on most common search engines. However, the turn-around time on this kind of route is usually around 6-8 months. Some businesses don’t have the time to wait that long for leads and sales to start rolling in which is why we also offer PPC (pay per click) campaign management. PPC campaigns are a great way to generate traffic, sales, and leads to your website by targeting certain keywords and ranking first on specific audience’s search results. PPC campaigns do not, however, increase your long-term authority. That’s why we recommend a hybrid approach where you can start seeing immediate results while also building up the long-term presence and viability of your website.

Converting Clicks to Business

In order to generate the clicks you want to lead to more business, your ad content must be compelling and specific to what the user has searched for. The job of an ad writer is to make the first result that paid spot, the most enticing through the use of highly specific keywords or exciting sales. It’s important to consider exactly which keywords you’re vying for, as some keywords are extremely expensive compared to less common or less competitive ones.

This is why it’s important for a PPC campaign manager to cast a wide net and hit as many possible search terms as possible. By doing so, one can not only see the number of conversions and sales that the ad equates to, but also how the value of the ad relates to the audience its reaching. The optimal ad reaches the desired market, converts to sales, but is also cheap to run as it hits less competitive and less expensive keywords.

Strategic Ad Buys

There are many more strategies than just Google Ads to see immediate business sales and conversions. Social media ad buys are one of the most popular new methods of generating sales and traffic, as different platforms allow for immersive ads that integrate seamlessly into their platform. Some common platforms to consider for traditional or video ads are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and boosted Instagram posts. Each of these platforms come with different pricing but someone expertly managing a presence and marketing budget on any of these platforms can achieve quite a bit to spread word of mouth and generate clicks to your online platform or eCommerce website.

Real estate web design is very hot for Ad Buy as traditional advertising has become too expensive to be cost-effective as well.

Expert Strategists at Affordable Prices

If any of these techniques or strategies seem daunting or impossible, that’s completely fine and normal! Our marketing experts are standing by to assist you in any of these proven digital marketing methods. They can be difficult to execute by nature, especially for individuals that don’t have long-term experience in the marketing field. Reach out to our team today to see how we can help grow your brand and online presence. We’ll perform a full analysis of your digital marketing needs and create a roadmap to help you achieve the full potential of your brand or product. If you have yet to create an online presence or need an updated website design, let us rebuild your platform from the ground up. We optimize our websites and create custom content just for you so that you can start ranking out of the gate.

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