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Clapper now rising as a TikTok competitor which is perfect for early adopters

Clapper now rising as a TikTok competitor which is perfect for early adopters

June 8, 2023

At Falcon Marketing, we’re always on the pulse of emerging platforms that have the potential for exceptional reach and engagement. We’ve identified Clapper as a rising star, offering unique opportunities for influencer marketing that align perfectly with our progressive approach to digital strategy.

Why are we excited about Clapper? First, it offers an engaging short-video format akin to TikTok, which has already proven to be a potent marketing tool. What sets Clapper apart is its emphasis on realness and authenticity. It encourages users to share genuine life moments instead of manicured highlights, fostering a strong sense of community that’s rare in today’s digital landscape.

influencer, writing, girlThis authenticity and connection with real-life experiences is an untapped goldmine. When our clients’ messages are presented authentically, they resonate deeper and spread wider. Clapper users are a highly engaged audience who value honesty and genuineness, which gives our clients an opportunity to communicate their brand stories in a more relatable and humanized manner.

Moreover, Clapper’s algorithm promotes equal opportunity by giving each video a fair chance to be viewed and go viral. This means that instead of fighting for visibility in an overcrowded space, our clients will benefit from a more level playing field. With the right content strategy, we can help you capitalize on this unique opportunity, raising brand awareness and fostering meaningful interactions with potential customers.

Being an early adopter on Clapper also carries prestige and positions our clients as forward-thinking, innovative brands. It’s a chance to lead instead of following, to set trends instead of playing catch up. By embracing Clapper now, you’ll be ahead of the curve, reaching audiences who are eager to connect with brands in fresh and exciting ways.

Influencer marketing on Clapper also allows us to access new demographics and markets. As the platform grows, its user base is diversifying, providing opportunities to connect with audiences that might be untapped on other platforms. This gives our clients an added advantage in expanding their customer base and tapping into the potential of new segments.

In conclusion, using Clapper for influencer marketing is an opportunity we believe our clients should seize. Its authenticity, equal opportunity algorithm, and growing, engaged user base combine to offer a powerful marketing platform. With our expertise in creating compelling content and identifying influential personalities, we’re ready to help our clients make a significant impact on Clapper. Let’s ride the wave of this emerging platform together and shape the future of influencer marketing.

Here is how to use Clapper to get traction for your brand:

  • Create a Complete and Engaging Profile: Start by fully completing your profile with a clear photo, engaging bio, and links to your other social media handles or website.
  • Understand Your Audience: Research the demographics of Clapper users. Understand what kind of content they engage with and aim to create content that appeals to them.
  • Create Authentic Content: Clapper values authenticity. Make sure your content reflects real-life experiences or perspectives. Don’t be afraid to show the raw, unfiltered side of your brand or yourself.
  • Post Regularly: Posting content regularly can help keep your profile active and improve your visibility in the Clapper community.
  • Engage with Other Users: Don’t just post your own content. Take the time to engage with other users’ posts through likes, comments, and shares. This could increase your visibility and encourage reciprocal engagement.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Hashtags are a key way people discover new content on Clapper. Use trending and relevant hashtags to help others find your content.
  • Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Platforms: Share your Clapper content on your other social media platforms to draw in more views.
  • Collaborate with Other Clapper Users: Find other Clapper users with similar or complementary content and collaborate on videos. Their audience will be exposed to your content, potentially leading to more views.
  • Create Share-Worthy Content: Strive to create content that not only engages viewers but encourages them to share it. This could greatly increase your reach and views.
  • Experiment and Analyze: Try out different types of content, posting times, and promotional strategies to see what works best for your audience. Analyze your results and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Once you’ve got all of that done, you will need to start focusing on getting content out there. Make sure the content is easy to produce, as you do not want content that is expensive as a daily product- it leads to fatigue and dropoff, easily the #1 reason why people just stop posting.

Here are examples of hypothetical social media profiles that focus on hard-to-produce and expensive content:

  • Profile 1 – “The Gourmet Chef”: This profile was dedicated to creating intricate, restaurant-quality recipes that were filmed in a professional kitchen with high-end equipment. The preparation, filming, and editing process for each video was incredibly time-consuming and costly. Over time, the account stopped posting due to the sheer effort and expense of each video.
  • Profile 2 – “Adventure Travelogue”: This travel blogger posted breathtaking drone footage and professional-grade photos of remote and exotic locations. However, the cost and logistics of constant travel, combined with the effort required to capture and edit professional-level content, ultimately made the account unsustainable.
  • Profile 3 – “Glamour Fashionista”: This profile focused on high-fashion, runway-inspired looks and photoshoots. Although visually stunning, the cost of designer clothing, professional photographers, and unique shooting locations eventually became prohibitive, and the account stopped posting.

Here would be a more approachable method for similar content:

  • Profile 1 – “DIY Crafter”: This account posts fun and engaging videos about crafting at home. They use affordable, easily accessible materials and shoot the content with a smartphone. This approach keeps production costs low and makes it easy to create and share content regularly.
  • Profile 2 – “Home Chef”: Rather than elaborate, restaurant-grade recipes, this account focuses on simple, delicious meals that anyone can make at home. They film in their own kitchen and focus on the food, not expensive equipment or fancy editing. This content is not only cheap to produce, but also highly relatable and engaging to followers.
  • Profile 3 – “Fitness at Home”: This fitness enthusiast shares workout routines that can be done at home with minimal or no equipment. The videos are shot in their own living room or backyard and demonstrate that you don’t need a fancy gym or expensive gear to stay fit.


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