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Clapper now rising as a TikTok competitor which is perfect for early adopters

At Falcon Marketing, we’re always on the pulse of emerging platforms that have the potential for exceptional reach and engagement. […]

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Finding an Industry Expert for Your Website

When it comes to business to business relations you’re most likely looking to collaborate with other companies that either understand […]

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Law Firm SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

Law firm SEO, or SEO for the legal industry is extremely competitive, possibly one of the most competitive industries from […]

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Los Angeles SEO Company: What to Look for In an Industry Leader

If you’re looking for online marketing services in order to improve your business rankings, accrue more clients, or reach a […]

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Rise of Email and Social Media Retargeting 3

The Rise of Email and Social Media Retargeting

A few years ago, the Internet was still a motley crew of pop up ads, static banners, and splash page […]

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The Best Apps For Creative Stimulation

If you work in a creative field, then you are most probably familiar with the inevitable burden of a creative […]

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Display Advertising VS. Search Advertising

The digital marketing industry has revolutionized the world of advertising by allowing users to measure the direct impact of their […]

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You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

Do you browse the internet on a mobile device?  You know that smartphone you’re constantly looking at. Isn’t it sooo […]

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Return on Impression – The New ROI

In a world where people are sharing information via the social web faster and more often than ever, it’s important […]

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Color Psychology and Branding

Color psychology is a fascinating subject, and one that influences us as designers each and every day. Different colors have […]

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